How your Propeller is repaired

Steel Developments was established in 1958and since then we have been offering our propeller repair service to both trade and retail customers.

Why Repair Propellers?
A propeller is very important in achieving the best performance. It is the only connection between the engine and the water and affects speed, acceleration, handling, ride comfort and fuel economy. Any damage to a propeller, however minimal it may seem, can severely affect the performance and increase fuel consumption. Propellers should be professionally repaired by a specialist to ensure correct profile, pitch and balance. Having a prop correctly maintained is very economical and it is not worth taking the risk of further damaged particularly to the drive by using a damaged propeller. It is ineffective to try to do a DIYrepair and this could cost you more in the long run.

What can be repaired?
Repairs can be carried out to Aluminium, Bronze & Stainless Steel propellers and impellers of any size up to 48” diameter. A repair can be carried out as long as the material is in sound condition and there is approximately 2/3rd’s of each blade left. If the propeller bush or exhaust ring is damaged this can also be replaced for most models.

Operations: The following are the operations of a propeller repair:

Each propeller or impeller is serial numbered on arrival to ensure that the correct propeller is returned to the rightful owner.

Bush Test and Exhaust Ring inspection
If the propeller has a rubber bush this is dry torque tested and the exhaust ring is inspected for damage. If either of these need replacing a note is made and the customer contacted, the appropriate action will then be taken according to the customers requirements.

Straighten Blades
The blades are straightened by using the appropriate pitching block depending on the propeller make size and pitch.

Rough Dress
The blades are prepared prior to welding

Argon Weld new sections
The propeller is welded using our unique underwater welding technique, which enables sections to be repaired without damage to the rubber bush.

The propeller is shaped to ensure profile continuity between blades. Each propeller is then hand checked by our engineers

Each propeller is individually checked by an experienced engineer to ensure the pitch is correct and any adjustments are made

The propeller is then balanced to ensure that it runs vibration free


Aluminium propellers are painted with a synthetic paint finish as one coat directly to the propeller. Bronze and Stainless Steel props are satin finished.

Quality Control and Despatch
Each propeller is located from the finishing departments by serial number, to ensure the correct prop is returned to the rightful owner. Propellers are finally checked and then released for collection or delivery.

All repairs are guaranteed and are carried out by qualified and factory trained engineers. Our staff have extensive experience and knowledge in the field of propellers and their application and we are known for our reliable, efficient and friendly service to both trade and private customers.